1. wanted a case for my tmobile prism 2 and this fits just grand.i love how all the ports are covered so you wont get dust,dirt or water in the open ports, they have the tab to cover it so you pull back the tab and close up.the on and off button to turn off your phone on top of the case is completely covered so you just push down on it and the phone turns on and off,love that part.the case makes your phone feel sturdier and bulkier and feels like you drop it your phone is greatly protected.very nice black rubbery feel to it and blue parts in front and on the kickstand give it a classy look.dont really know what the green pick is for to open the kickstand part don’t know, but I can open it alright anyway because there are two gaps that you can put your finger in and open the kickstand.

  2. The good- inexpensive and they work, and don’t overheat. The not so great- have to wiggle around a bit in order to get it to actually set in correctly and begin charging, but mainly, you have to think of them as going to need frequent replacing as they break so easily. The original one that came with the Fibit lasted for one or two years, these, three all lasted about 9 months for one FitBit, so that is about 3 months each. They are so inexpensive, that on the one hand, they might still be worth it compared to the cost of a Fitbit brand one, but I may not repurchase, as I feel a little guilty adding plastic and metal to a landfill every three months.

  3. I have been trying to buy the Pixel 6 Pro since it was announce and it hasn’t been stock since Day 1. Scalpers have it set for some ridiculous price that at strongly advise NO ONE BUYS.Otherwise, from all account, this is a great phone. Camera is amazing, only new phone to get the latest security patches and update, can run beta software such as Android 12L, amazing display, great speakers, and really innovated features powered by the Tensor Cores. Pixel 7 will be better and might hactually have excellent battery life and benchmark well but for now, this is 1 or 2 best Android phone on the market.

  4. I purchased my unlocked Pixel 6 direct from the Google Store, it arrived on the 28th of Oct. I was pleasantly surprised, coming from a Pixel 4a that it was easy to hold on to. Here is the good and the not so good.THE GOOD1. Priced fair $599 for a phone this good a great.2. The screen is very nice, the move from a 60hz refresh rate (Pixel4a) to the 90hz refresh rate is wonderful, the clarity is much better, screen colors look great. I’m sure they may not be perfect but in everyday usage it is outstanding.3. The screen is a pleasure to use, the Gorilla Glass is clear and basically no fingerprint smudge. I had ordered 2 different screen protectors from Amazon, the less of the 2 arrived before the phone arrived, it looks good, but the smoothness of the Gorilla Glass was more satisfying.4. Android 12 is delightful, I had been trying the Beta on my Pixel 4a so the learning curve was small. I like it, your milage may vary.5. The interrogation of spam call screening and blocking is for the most part outstanding, what a time saver and stress reducer.6. Being able to press down on your app and have side menus is wonderful7. The call quality is excellent ( of course you milage may vary due to your carrier)The not so good:1. The fingerprint scanner is temperamental at times. I discovered it likes your finger flat on it, more successful sign ons when using it. The screen protector did cut down on the accuracy somewhat, not really the Pixels fault, hopefully when the better quality screen protector arrives it will make it easier .2. An unlocked phone is not necessarily an unlocked phone. I have been using Visable (Verizon’s online company) Have loved it, works as well as one can expect Verizon to work, looked on their site, they were showing the Pixel 6 and 6 pro coming, great I thought, well was I wrong, the 6 comes with Sub 6Ghz but not with 5G mmWave and our good friends, as I discovered only support 5G mmWave, Yikes. Now I could really care less, it seems 5G mmWave is faster but has a horrible range, the 6Ghz isn’t as fast but much better range. My bad for not catching that, it appears that most everyone else supports 6GHz which in the wide open spaces would seem to make more sense. The super geeks can debate that one. So Google Fi is now my carrier, too early to tell if we will be in a long term relationship, or just a fall fling.3. Battery so far average, but I am a heavy user, I reserve long term judgement, it still gets me thru the day, not 2 days.In closing: I do believe this a worthwhile phone, seems like a good build quality, I move forward from my 4a. Is it perfect, no, but neither am I. Glad I bought it.

  5. This phone was a major disappointment and my pixel 4a brought me better value and quality. First, the phone is heavy and feels awkward in the hand. The battery barely last the day and the quality of the screen is barely better than my last pixel. I am either going back to my pixel 4A– which is lighter, more affordable and has a great battery for the money. In short, as a pixel fan…who waited months for this phone and read every article about it with excitement i am disappointed and expect to return this heavy and unbalanced phone. ( top heavy with the cameras)… Google needs to rethink design and go back to the success of the 4 A– value for the money with great design. Even the Iphone 12 makes better sense in terms of price and quality….. avoid this phone..

  6. There is a lot to like about this phone and while it has its shortcomings, the fact that it is priced at $900 at its entry point instead of $1,000 makes the value it offers that much more appealing. In fact, for most people I would actually recommend the entry level Pixel 6 since that starts at $600. With the pro, you get-A bigger battery (probably to compensate for the bigger screen)-12GB of RAM (instead of 8 on the entry level)-120Hz refresh rate (instead of 90 on the entry level)-Quad HD display (instead of full HD on the entry level)-A curved screen (instead of a flat screen on the entry level)-A wide angle selfie camera (which is missing on the entry level), and-A telephoto lens (which is missing on the entry level)There are more differences here and there, but those are a few. I don’t like large phones, but both the entry and the pro are large. However, I chose to go with the pro because I did not want to miss out on any of the camera features.Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra may actually be the higher performing phone, but that is the thing – it is more expensive. For what you pay for here, you still get a great value and compared to the S21, I don’t know if the latter’s advantages really makes a difference of $100. And iPhone 13 pro max is arguably better than both but again, it is more expensive than the Pixel 6 pro. I believe most if not all people who decide to purchase it will enjoy the experience of having and upgrading from whichever phone they had previously.No product is perfect including this one but for what you pay for it is well worth what is considered to be a flagship smartphone, and that is why I am taking half a point off.

  7. I haven’t had much time to use the phone yet, but when I opened the box I was shocked to find that it DOES NOT COME WITH A WALL CHARGER! It only comes with a USB3 charger. I. Can’t believe Google is following Apple’s footsteps of nickel and diming their customers over the most basic necessary accessories. Super lame.

  8. This is not a BAD phone, but there are some niche issues I haven’t seen discussed too much in other reviews and they are frustrating if you care about them.The first is the bluetooth LDAC codec. If you have any recent sony wireless headphones / earbuds, you may be used to setting the highest quality / bitrate streaming option in the developer options – 990kbps.This DOES NOT WORK on the pixel 6 pro – at all. Really nothing above 330kbps works reliably. There is a reddit thread dedicated to this topic, so it’s not just my unit. It pauses / skips / stutters like crazy and is not usable. This worked fine on my pixel 3.The second big issue I have is the zoom lens, maybe the biggest reason to buy the pro over the standard pixel 6, is not always used when zooming – and you can’t force it to be used. Unless you have a ton of light (bright day outside) there’s a good chance that your 4x (and sometimes greater) zoom shots will just be the normal lens digitally zoomed. There were many instances indoors where I would purposefully setup a shot with extra light and it still didn’t switch to the zoom lens. This is frustrating as the zoom lens is actually REALLY good and a huge step up over digital zoom.Other than that, the fingerprint reader kind of sucks. I’d say it works ~ 80% of the time.Everything else on the phone is great and a big upgrade over the pixel 3.

  9. Very easy to affix to the phone.There is a ring in the tempered glass for the fingerprint reader that is not great to look at.Even after changing the display sensitivity and reprogramming my fingerprints can’t get it to work.

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