1. You can buy 12 pro max case it will fit 13 pro max

  2. Very poor fitment , the phone is basically floating inside of this case and moving around. For reference I have the 13 pro max in sierra blue. This case also within less than a month has turned yellow.

  3. Edit: After a month of usage still no signs of yellowing, highly recommended.Having bought the new Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max, I definitely wanted a case that could show off the color. I mean what’s the point of getting a fancy new phone color if you’ll just slap a case right over it that conceals it? That’s where the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case comes in. Honestly, this case does all I need it to do and it provides just enough protection without adding unnecessary bulk.The iPhone 13 Pro Max is already fairly big, so thankfully this case doesn’t add too much to it and still feels comfortable to use. The benefits of getting this clear case over say the other cheaper clear cases is that this has a glass like finish allowing you to really see the phone, whereas other cheaper clear cases have a dot pattern on the back to prevent smudging.Overall it’s a simple, yet effective clear phone case with a price tag that won’t kill your wallet. It adds a good amount of protection while not adding unnecessary bulk, all while allowing you to appreciate the actual look of your iPhone.

  4. Since I didn’t buy mine on Amazon, this isn’t a confirmed purchase review, but Apple has released these before they’ve worked out their issues and is expecting customers to pay to be beta testers. When I tried their help people, they told me to try restarting the phone, forgetting the car, all the simple stuff we do first thing. Then they sent a link to reading, expecting me to figure it out on my own. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t buy a $1000 phone to help some billionaires work out their bugs. And the naked greed is getting disgusting. Even when you buy the new magnetic charger, they make you buy a $20 plug separately. What?! A charger that doesn’t actually plug into the wall. Are they kidding with this? Apple should be ashamed for putting out equipment like this. We have an Apple house, but I’m ready to switch after this experience.

  5. Battery life is amazing, one charge over night and it’s alive all day, the camera is definitely better quality. The audio is very loud which is a good thing. The only problem is that I’ve only had the phone for like 5 days and it’s been freezing on me sometimes which is definitely worrisome

  6. If you have an Iphone 12 Pro or 12. Then it’s not worth the upgrade as you are getting a very similiar phone. But if you have any other phone you won’t be dissapointed. Compared to all other iphones this new phone truly does have an amazing battery life. I on average get 24 ish hours of battery life out of mine. Cameras compared to samsung’s are pretty good. Though I would like to make it clear. It’s only the software that makes these cameras so good. Without the software, compared to samsung the cameras on this phone suck! This phone has 3 12 mega pixel cameras while samsung’s flagship phone has camera’s with up 108 megapixels. The thing I love about iphone is ios. And just how easy to learn to use and to continue to use this phone is. In the end I would definetly recommend this phone.

  7. 100% the phone is good but the network cricket wireless please please it’s not good don’t go through doctor Carrier it’s a really bad service I live in Minneapolis and I’m getting

  8. Alright so I took a leap of faith after reading the reviews saying that this specific phone was a “Fake” and that it freezes. I personally haven’t encountered any issues with freezing, it isn’t a fake iphone either. People are just ignorant or something.LETS TALK ABOUT TO THE PROSScreen quality and build quality is amazing. Colors pop out and look fantastic. Camera detail in the photos are a really great. The 120hz refresh rate on the screen is in fact very noticeable when using it compared to an older model like the 10 or even 11. This is an absolute upgrade from those models. The pro max is a bit on the heavier side but you’ll get used to it. I also already had cricket previously so i just slapped the same sim card and it worked with zero problems. zero hardware/software issues with new the iOSLETS TALK ABOUT THE CONSPrice for some people may scare them off, but it’s apple. This is to be expected.The shiny metallic sides are finger print magnets and it can be obnoxious. Just get a clear case and don’t stress over it.

  9. I’ve avoided upgrading for years because I wanted the ability to CHARGE the phone and PLAY AUDIO through a WIRED connection at the same time. Now, just spent around $1100 for the 256Gb 13 Pro…only to discover that apple didn’t see fit to include the wall charger…which they know I will have to buy.I want to love this phone…but already they have pissed me off. Now I have to make another trip….place another online order…pay more money…whatever. It’s stupid and inconvenient. The Ghost of Steve Jobs should haunt those fargin’ icehole bastages at apple. (credit to Roman Maroney.)

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