1. I bought this, and I live in US, I connected to my service and everything works except the LTE connection and I have metro by the mobile and they just couldn’t figure out why

  2. It is 2G so it’s useless

  3. Not too long after we purchase this everything just stopped working a little at a time first the audio and the camera than it was dropping calls eventually we couldn’t even get Wi-Fi or our phone access it’s just sitting in the return box. But it’s too late to return it so it was a waste of $200

  4. The cell phone is just as described, it looks very beautiful and I like it very much.It has the most advanced face recognition, fast downloading speed, fast running software, good phone signal, especially the battery, which can last for almost two days after full charge, which is beyond my imagination.Very satisfying shopping experience, highly recommended.

  5. Everything about the cell phone looked good. But when I tried to get a hold of customer service to help me get started {I’m 76 yrs old} It was difficult to find a number for them. They only included a quick start guide, which was vague in the box. The cover they put in the box is plastic and only goes on the back side of the phone. The front is left unprotected. The worst part was that for the TCL 20 SE I purchased their absolutely nobody that makes a protective case for it. I tried Amazon, I Blason and everywhere else on the Internet and could not find one. It turned out to be a nightmare and that is why I returned it. If there was a rating lower than 1 star I would have used it. I really can’t rate the next couple of items, Face recognition or Fingerprint reader, or Battery life because I never got the customer support to set it up.

  6. I have always been a Samsung cell phone person. I saw this TCL phone and right away I felt attracted to it. It has been a few days it works great with my phone carrier. I like the battery it is great and its features, even photographs, and movies. Why pay so much money for a brand name when this phone does the same things an expensive one does. I strongly recommend this cell phone. The price is great and it looks and feels great.

  7. Case seems decent at first impression. Not overly bulky, but still feels like it will take some abuse. Lense protector went on clear and without bubbles. Very close to same feel as without the protector. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because it does not come with a camera lenses protector and i had to purchase that separately.

  8. Verizon wanted $15.99 for 1 piece of protective glass!!Got 2 protective glasses AND a very sturdy case for half that!

  9. Great grip on back. No scratches on case. Been using for months now. Fits phone exactly. Also, Aux. Cord fits unlike my last case.

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