1. I never really got to use this phone, I got it on a Monday afternoon, got my apps transferred over on Tuesday, got it tied to my cell phone account on Wednesday. On that afternoon, I sat down at my desk, and the phone slipped off my notebook and fell about a foot to my desk. It wasn’t a bad fall at all, I just picked it up and put it back on my notebook. When I checked it an hour later, I saw that the fall had cracked the screen and half the screen was flickering in and out. I didn’t have insurance or anything on it, because I’ve never – out of all the phones I’ve had – 10 or 12, broken a screen. I’ve taken to all the device repair shops in the area, no one can get a screen. So, maybe you are super careful – I thought I was too, but it’s so disheartening. I feel like I just threw $1000 away

  2. Update: I removed 1 star because the fingerprint sensor is still the same as the SG S10’s.Within the last 9 months I’ve changed my daily driver from A Samsung S10+ to a Pixel 4XL, to a One Plus 8 Pro and now I am on this Note 20 Ultra. The S10+ plus’s fingerprint reader was so aggravating switching to the Pixel’s secure Face unlock was a relief. The Pixel’s “pure” Android experience is irrefutably Android polish. But over time my dislike for the Pixel’s weak battery and lack of an ultra-wide camera eventually wore on me. Enter the OnePlus 8 Pro. Almost Google-fast updates, clean interface, ultra-fast fingerprint unlock, excellent battery. But OnePlus. in all its popularity as a relative outsider is a niche smartphone. I checked Google’s, Apple’s, and Samsung’s trade-in programs, and none of them accept a OnePlus product. Again, the OnePlus 8 Pro is a great phone, although it’s camera has some compromises and the battery life still could be a bit better.Enter the Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G. Samsung basically took the complaints of the S20 Ultra and fixed them with the Note 20 Ultra. The zoom and the autofocus.The Note today is a statement of polish and refinement and truth be told Samsung is the Apple of Android in terms of the smartphone market. I love my Note. The camera is nothing short of amazing. The U/I is well polished. Samsung has a lot of time to improve it. While The Note 20 doesn’t have Android 11 like the Pixel and OnePlus, Samsung’s focus on a polished interface for humans to take advantage of the Note’s impressive hardware and features is complete synergy.Also, some review sites have faulted The Note 20 Ultra’s battery life. I’ll tell you now, in my experience it’s significantly better/longer than the OnePlus 8 Pro’s which most of those reviewers have praised.It’s been a ride for me phone wise, but ultimately I’m back with Samsung as the Note 20 Ultra 5G is simply perfection. Also kudos to Amazon for their “refreshed” program. I got an awesome deal on this Phone and it arrived like it was brand new out of the box. Amazon extends their promise for 90 days and you also have Samsung’s manufacturer’s warranty. Deal!

  3. Above and beyond what I expected! This is my fourth case I’ve tried for my Note 20 Ultra and am sure this one will be my last. Look and feel is top quality!

  4. When I received the device there was a note that said “Do not remove the protective screen” so I was like… OK I’ll leave it on, but I bought mine that just works with the pen and has a hole for the finger print scanner.” Today 5/13/2021, about three weeks after purchase, had enough with the cheap screen protector and decided to replace with mine. And what a surprise… the device has 2, very pronounced scratches, not the ones from normal wear… this one you can feel it.I’m taking the writing this review to put people on the spot light because there was no note about this. Otherwise I’d spent $100 extra and buy it almost new from Ebay or even amazon… but I’m writing it for people who think that Amazon Renewed is a good idea. You might get a surprise. Do your inspections when receiving whatever you buy.

  5. It’s a good case. Good not great. The value is there but the ring won’t hold the phone for long if you are attempting to prop it on something.

  6. I love this case. Very light weight & easy to hold thanks to the ring. 10/10

  7. Kickstand ring thing works well, only small complaint is the back is very prone to fingerprints and smudges

  8. I love the way it looks I don’t have anything bad to say I would recommend

  9. The media could not be loaded.  I love it. Totally work the buy for me. UPDATE: it does not have raised edges, so you will need a screen protector and a protector for your camera

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