1. This is the newest version of the Z Flip series from Samsung. The previous version was the Z Flip 5G (2020), and there have been some great improvements on that version from last year. I will go over the upgrades in this version, and overall Pros and Cons I noticed from testing the phone:Upgrades in this version:Gorilla Glass Victus (previous version was Gorilla Glass6)IPX8 Water Resistance (previous version had no water resistance)Main screen- now 120Hz, 1200 nits brightness (previously 60Hz, max 596nits)Cover display – Now 1.9in (previously 1.1in)Snapdragon 888 chip (previously 865)Stereo speakersFaster wireless charging, and also supports PowerSharePROS:-Cover Display improvements: The cover display is bigger now, and shows much more information than the previous version. Now you can swipe to see notifications, or even some widgets. Overall, this cover screen is still not quite as good as Motorola’s new Razr in my opinion, but it is a big improvement over last year’s Z-Flip design.-Flex Mode: Now you can force apps to run in Flex Mode, with the phone folded at a 90 degree angle. Some apps support this mode natively, but others you can force to use this mode in settings. Forcing an app to use Flex mode pushes the app up to the top half of the screen, and adds a few options on the bottom half like buttons for screenshots and brightness adjust. I still really only use the phone in this folded 90 degree mode for video calls, but it is nice to see support for other apps as well.-Size: Is your current phone too big to fit in most of your pockets? Then Samsung made this phone just for you. Being able to fold down to a small, palm-sized form is the biggest selling point of this phone. If you absolutely need a phone that folds, you can’t beat this value.CONS:-Battery: The brighter screen, with 120Hz, really seems to eat up the battery on this phone. If I use this phone quite a bit throughout the day, it is close to dead by the end of the day. The 3300 mAh battery seems like it isn’t really enough, and I’m often worried that I’ll have to charge it during the day to keep from dying.-Value: If you look at the specs of this phone compared to other phones, you are still really paying quite a bit extra for the ability to fold your phone down to smaller size. There are phones currently available that are better at literally everything, and that cost about the same or even slightly less than this phone (like S21Ultra). Samsung has packed quite a bit into this phone though, and if you HAVE to have a vertically folding tiny phone, this one is currently the best in my opinion; it is faster, more durable, lighter, and has a better internal screen and better battery than the Razr, which is probably the main competition in this form factor.OVERALL THOUGHTS:This is a pretty good phone for daily use, but it would be hard for me recommend this phone over other options currently on the market, except in a few specific cases. The cameras are pretty good actually, but not amazing. The biggest advantage to this phone is of course that it folds down to such a small size. Apparently it fits in scrubs pockets, so I guess if you wear scrubs all day and still want to carry a nice phone, this is a great option. The only other real feature advantage is the fact that you can open the Z Flip3 up halfway to a 90 degree angle, and use it in Flex mode. This allows for a kind of built-in-tripod functionality, which can be nice for video calls especially. Sitting the phone on the table like a laptop and still having the selfie camera pointed at you for video calls is pretty nice, but you have to decide if that is worth the other sacrifices you make with this phone. The S21 Ultra 5G for example is currently the same price; but comes with MUCH better cameras, more RAM, better battery life, faster charging, S-Pen support, and dust resistance. Right now, it feels like you are making some pretty big sacrifices just to be able to fold the phone down to a smaller size; but if that is super important to you, then it could be worth it. I don’t have many major complaints with the phone myself, but I still prefer my S21Ultra 5G because of the better cameras and battery.

  2. This(9/8) is my initial review, and I’ll update it in around 3 or 4 monthsThe size is really cool, and when it’s open it’s very tall. The screen is really great- 120hz display is on point. Sucks the battery though. The battery is terrible, but I knew that going into it, and I’m not a power-user. I mainly use it for normal phone stuff and like under 10 apps ever.The fingerprint sensor is new to me, but it works pretty well and was simple to setup.Unlocked, it’s an easy plug-and-use with your carrier SIM card, but prepare for quite a bit of time setting up and importing your old stuff, which will absolutely kill the battery at first, even if you charge it, and it’s a slow charge, even on a quick-charger.Basically the only thing wrong with this is the battery and charging time, so if that’s a big consideration, you’ll want to avoid this phone, maybe check out a fold or another brand flip.

  3. Horrible battery life. Charging accessory not included. Instructions not included. This phone in my opinion is just a novelty.

  4. I have trouble with sensory issues and this case has made it a comfort item from its smooth finish. It fits really well and the color is true to the pictures. My fiance was concerned because the other brand he bough scratched his phone right off the bat but not this one. I am quite happy with my purchase and it was well worth the money to have a phone I dont hate the feeling of.

  5. This is a very good case. Very functional. Excellent grip. Unfortunately the case is too thick and won’t fit my belt clip holster.

  6. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

  7. I bought this for new Z Flip 3, disappointed with it as it is not good and feels cheap, feels like plastic sheet is on the inside of the case but it is not, looks very dirty and scratched up. Just got it delivered 30 mins ago. The flash cutout is not aligned correctly even 🙁 It is going back to Amazon

  8. Bought this for my new phone and I picked this one because it protects the hinge. It’s a nice design and the material feels good. It makes the phone easy to hold now and less worry some about dropping it. Overall, I like it. Probably buy another color in the future

  9. This case is sturdy and fits very well. All buttons and charging port are easily accessible. The case has a nice grippy feel. Case doesn’t slide or move once installed. Protects front screen and camera lenses. Seems very durable.

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