1. Great phoneThis phone has an amazing build quality for its cost. Hardware is unmatched for the price, and the camera is very impressive. I shot a few photos, and they turned out to be perfectly fine.The display on this phone is pretty nice. Overall worth the money and you will be amazed at how incredible it looks.

  2. The cell phone is just as described, it looks very beautiful and I like it very much.It has the most advanced face recognition, fast downloading speed, fast running software, good phone signal, especially the battery, which can last for almost two days after full charge, which is beyond my imagination.Very satisfying shopping experience, highly recommended.

  3. Everything about the cell phone looked good. But when I tried to get a hold of customer service to help me get started {I’m 76 yrs old} It was difficult to find a number for them. They only included a quick start guide, which was vague in the box. The cover they put in the box is plastic and only goes on the back side of the phone. The front is left unprotected. The worst part was that for the TCL 20 SE I purchased their absolutely nobody that makes a protective case for it. I tried Amazon, I Blason and everywhere else on the Internet and could not find one. It turned out to be a nightmare and that is why I returned it. If there was a rating lower than 1 star I would have used it. I really can’t rate the next couple of items, Face recognition or Fingerprint reader, or Battery life because I never got the customer support to set it up.

  4. I have always been a Samsung cell phone person. I saw this TCL phone and right away I felt attracted to it. It has been a few days it works great with my phone carrier. I like the battery it is great and its features, even photographs, and movies. Why pay so much money for a brand name when this phone does the same things an expensive one does. I strongly recommend this cell phone. The price is great and it looks and feels great.

  5. On paper this looks like a great budget phone. I use my phone for work and personal use and was looking forward to the “Work Profile” setting (I was on an iPhone and found very little work-life balance) I’m fairly platform agnostic so setup was as easy as always. After installing my work apps (Outlook, and company portal, certificates & security software) I received a notice from our corporate security group that my new phone was being disconnected from the network. I opened our security software and found additional background executions happening with com.android.system.ui- a deeper look, back on my phone, showed several known malware/adware programs running in the background. Even after a full factory reset and wipe I found the same programs running again.After doing additional research on the TCL Brand I found they have a history of building consumer products (TV’s and Phones) that spy on they’re users. If you plan to use this phone on a secure corporate network, look elsewhere.

  6. Updated Review:Okay so I’ve had the phone for several weeks and I still feel very strong about my purchase BUT!Haptic touch is not so good, and I couldn’t find any setting on the phone to help increase the sensitivity. This is not an app isolated issue – it is 100% all across the entire experience. You touch – maybe there’s a response. I’m not talking about the haptic vibration as a response. I’m talking about tapping and getting any response whatsoever. Tap the icon – maybe it launches. Very frustrating. Again, this is in all apps, and the “on phone” system functions as well. Seems like a read a reivew on here about this very issue. Welp, I’m here to verify. Haptic resonse can be a pain.There does not seem to be an equalizer with this phone. My previous phone did, and as such my music apps could use the equalizer to mix audio. With no built in equalizer, apps like Spotify are left wanting. This is actually a very serious issue for an audiophile like me. I got used to equalizing my music to taste a LOOOOOONG time ago. If there is an equalizer I have been unable to find it. I looked, googled, searched, asked, etc. No equalizer.The overall sound from this phone is WAY TOO LOW. Not the speakers mind you, but anything headphone related. Wired AUX and blu tooth. Dammit man I wish these manufacturers would understand us older folks been cranking music forever. My ears need more volume. I’m not hard of hearing per se, but I want LOUDER AUDIO in my ears. Second hand, after market boosters apps are all bogus and end up distorting the sound. Look. I understand people care for my poor little ears. But I am 52 years old. I think I can be relied upon to make decisions for myself. Allow us to unlock a louder level of sound. Give us a working equalizer. Something sheesh. Yall wanting us to switch over to phones as a do-it-all entertainment device. Do something about the audio. I’ve got $5 mp3 players that do better lol.As for cameras, meh. I’m more into audio than snapping pics and vids. My one and only attempt at using the video recorder produced less than ideal videos. The 1080 rez videos were a bit jerky, and the color was weird. This was in the full bright sunlight of a summer day. The zoom becomes worthless after a certain level, as the phone is incapaled of focusing on anything at the level, no matter what you tap or click or try. As for the weird look and color of the vids, I’m guessing there are forced algorythms “enhancing” the video quality ad lib, adding sharpness and color according to some preset notion. Meh. Meh. Meh. I never have liked that sort of thing in these modern devices. They may work well for plants and landscapes – they truly truly suck in “enhancing” the human face and color. LMAO my brother and his wife looked red and damn near deathly in the final videos I took. Nothing like they actually look. And the widescreen aspect was fairly warped, causing some weird looks as well.About the power/login button. It’s still a bit of a pain though I have gotten used to it. It’s actually TOO EASY to log in with fingerprint. I have to constantly be aware of how I pick up my phone because the fingerprint device is waiting there to unlock from even a fraction of my thumb. I understand this is a very difficult and delicate thing to implement. And I do love being able to pick up my phone and PURPOSEFULLY unlock the phone. But god sometimes it seems impossible to put the phone down in a locked state. I have to PURPOSEFULLY make sure to lay it done just so – so that it doesn’t lay down and unlock. Sheesh.As for the other things I was going to research: blu tooth functions very well, devices show up and sync quickly, so no bad there. Wifi seems fine, I’ve had no issues logging into multiple servers, routers, whatever. HOWEVER! some game apps seem to be corrupting phone wifi adapters (on phone) so that the reset every so often. I understand that this more than likely the game server/app fouling the connection, but some phones handle it better than others. My previous phone became horrible with “in game” disconnects because of internal wifi resets. This TCL 20S does much better – but I still get wifi connection resets from time to time, disconnecting me from my game. As I have said, in the huge world of cell phones, some handle this sort thing better than others. TCL 20s does okay but not perfect.This review sounds harsh, I understand that. Be assured I have no intention of giving up the TCL 20s. I do like it – for the price. I still say this is a solid purchase for the $250 range. I’ve even promoted it to friends and families. But hopefully devs and manufacturers read reviews! There is still a lot of improvement that can be done, and some improvements seem fairly easy to attain. I wish buying a good phone wasn’t such a crap shoot. There is always gonna be ups and downs, pros and cons. I think the pros outweigh the cons with this phone – for the price. Peace!————————————————————————————————————–(original review)It’s way too early for me to write this review, as I received the phone today and only recently put the SIM in for service. But I was toooo excited and happy. I haven’t used all the features so this review is partial – I will update at a later date. But for starters…Big phone. I noticed immediately it was bigger than my previous MOTO G6, a phone which I clung to for 4 years lmao (I have an excellent work phone too so…) I found the resolution very passable. I knew going in that this is a bargain phone – but so far it doesn’t seem like one. It felt “heavy” which is a good thing. Certainly not unwieldy, but this does not feel like a feather-weight cheap-o phone like some I’ve looked into buying. I expect and desire a bit of heft to my hardware.For me, the set-up was very easy. Obviously the Google thing took time, as they want to be soooo intimately involved in everything you do. Still, I shouldn’t have dreaded it as much as I had, it was fairly painless. I got all my contacts easy-peasy, which were pretty much all I wanted. But also my SMS and call records got transported easily. There was an option for apps but no thank you. I do that on my own.I noticed the 4GB RAM immediately. My previous phone was 2GB and the TCL 20S is much faster and smoother. Surely a combination of more/better RAM/CPU. My fav video game ran scads better! My game is notoriously bad at crashes and disconnects all around the world, but this phone ran it like a champ.As for Wifi, I connected to my home router in seconds and so far no issues whatsoever. I’ll take it around and test other situations tomorrow. I just tested and turned off my wifi to test the transfer to mobile. No dip in service (listening to Spotify).Oh and the SD card. I had an existing 64GB card with a lot of data on it. I slid it in with the SIM card and it was recognized and available right away. No data loss. Not that I really needed the card with such a large local storage capacity, but hey I already had it.Okay cons… the camera at the top center of the screen, there is a noticeable dimness around it. In fact there is a noticeable line of dimness across the entire extreme top of the screen. I am going to question TCL about this ASAP to see if it’s common across all of these 20S phones – or just mine. This is definitely noticeable when on the home screen. But when using fullscreen this part of the screen is off anyway so… not a deal breaker.Another con – someone has already mentioned it. The power button is in a bad location and is very sensitive. I continuously touch it and turn my screen off. Makes it hard to pick the phone up without turning off the screen. Maybe I can train my hand to hold it but picking up is a different story. As I said, this phone has some heft to it. We need to pick it up securely, and so grabbing near the center is expected. The included case makes it a little better, and I have an even thicker case coming. We’ll see how that works out.Another con – the Google Assistant button seems completely worthless. No way in hell I use any sort of assistant on any of my computers or phones. I’ve been using technology since the 90s. I don’t need any help thank you. No SIRI. No Alexa. I have ZERO need for any of that. And… I uninstalled the Google Assistant but it’s still there, waiting to be turned on. Asinine. Unwanted. Unwelcome. I took a star off for that. This phone was built for people who use the assistant – and not for those of us who don’t. SORRY I BOUGHT YOUR PHONE LOL.And so, with the cons included, I feel this is easily one of the best phones you can buy for the price. No way is this million dollar phone. I don’t want nor need one of those. I wanted to spend between $200 and $300 and that’s what I did. I shopped around for months, even bought one that I returned within a couple days. It was cheap and the wifi disconnected constantly – and cost $50 more than the TCL 20S. If you want a better phone than this – you are definitely gonna have to spend more money. For me, as of this moment, I am pleased.(things I will discover in the coming days: battery life, blutooth, functionality with a large heavy case with screen protector) I gonna come back and update! Peace!

  7. I bought this one for my boyfriend cause he needed a new phone plus he’s blind and needed a phone he could see better with. He absolutely loves it. I couldn’t have picked a better phone. The storage is great and it’s a bigger phone.

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