1. I got this after using multiple Samsung and Google phones, all of which had their own issues. After using it for some time, here are my impressions with both good and not so good parts.Good parts:- The build quality is good, the phone feels great in hand and has some weight to it, unlike phones like Google Pixel 5 which feels like a cheap toy. You can also watch video by JerryRigEverything, this phone does not bend easily with very strong frame.- The display quality is good, especially pixel density, which is 525 ppi. I have tried phones with lower pixel density such as Pixel 5, they’re ok if your vision is good but if you have nearsightedness and have to use phone close to your face you will easily notice individual pixels on phones with lower pixel density. On OnePlus 9 Pro you will not have this issue.- The OS is better than on Samsung phones. It is close to stock, there is no bloat like on Samsung phones, many apps can be uninstalled except apps like Gallery or Netflix. It is close to Pixel phone OS, except the launcher on OnePlus is better than Google’s own launcher because you can do more customizations like remove Google search bar (I don’t use it) or remove stock widget from home screen (you can’t do this on Pixel phones unless you will use different launcher) or do more customizations in terms of adding different icons or changing colors. OnePlus also uses stock Google dialer and messages apps, they are much better than Samsung’s apps because they filter spam much better and Google’s dialer has integrated visual voicemail (this feature depends on your provider, it works on Verizon but might not work with some other provider) and Google’s messages app has support for RCS messaging which you can enable even if your carrier does not want to. You can also customize features such as adding black bar on top of display to hide front camera, something that Samsung used to allow but then they disabled this feature in One UI 3. The OnePlus launcher also looks better from visual point of view compared to Samsung’s One UI – Samsung really overdid “rounded corners” on every pop-up message box and every menu in their phones, I really dislike it. OnePlus launcher has much less pronounced “rounded corners” in menus and message boxes which look better and hopefully something that OnePlus will never change.- The fingerprint reader works good for me, much more reliable than what I have seen on Samsung phones with their under display fingerprint readers. Just be aware that third-party screen protectors may interfere with it.- The cameras produce good photo quality, especially after latest updates. Initially the photo quality was pretty poor as you can see from all old reviews, but OnePlus has released many updates which increased the photo quality to good levels. It’s still not as good as on Pixel phones but very close and with more updates will probably get even better.- The battery life is good after all recent updates. Both the standby and use time with display on are pretty good and better than similar models from Samsung. This will probably get even better with more updates by OnePlus.Not so good parts:- The phone is pretty expensive, especially without good trade-in programs. You can find Galaxy S21+ for cheaper price, especially with great trade-in program that Samsung offers.- The phone still has some software bugs which are not fixed, such as bugs with bluetooth which affects some people or bugs with automatic brightness adjustment. All of those will probably fixed with future updates but the phone should not have been released with those bugs.- The phone has SnapDragon 888 processor, it is known for high power consumption which creates high heat output. It affected many phones including phones from Samsung and also affected this model. The manufacturers are still trying to adjust this processor’s power consumption in their phones, Samsung already does it well but OnePlus has not reached their level yet. You may still see overheat warnings on this model if you live in a warm climate and do things like filming 4k video at high fps. I personally hasn’t experienced it but you may find other examples of it. This is something you need to be aware of before buying it.

  2. Phone looks good and feels good. But if you want to protect your data, forget about it. Screen recorder, which starts the camera and QualComm voice runs all the time. Anything you view, type or say into the phone will be captured. SYPWARE for CHINA. Oh yeah…one other thing, this order was a bundle an is to come with wireless charger….good luck ,did not get it an amaZ0n don’t want to correct the order…told me to return the phone. Disappointed on both counts.

  3. First off, I want to say that I DO really like this phone. But there is one thing about the setup of this page that had me quite mislead. The new Motorola Edge 2021 DOES NOT have expandable memory. So do NOT go buy a 1TB MicroSD card for it. I searched high and low until I finally found the online user manual for this phone which confirmed it does not support it. This page had me convinced it did though…Outside of that mild disappointment, the phone is really nice. It’s snappy and has an amazing screen. The tactile feedback is nice, clarity on the mic and speaker is good. Overall, 4/5 stars – but only because I couldn’t have 1.25TB of total space on it =PWould recommend, just don’t get your hopes up for the expandable microSD slot!

  4. I picked up the Edge 2021 to replace a Z4 and it’s quite the upgrade. Lightning fast and a decent camera. It doesn’t quite match up to a true flagship. But if you don’t want to drop $1k on a phone, it’s close enough. The Snapdragon 778 inside is competitive with last year’s 865 flagship processor in many benchmarks. It drops last year’s edge display, which by many accounts was somewhat annoying in actual use, so that may be a good thing. The blue back is prettier in person than in pictures.Pros: If you’re a Motorola fan, all the familiar gestures are still here. The 6.8″ screen is huge. The three sensor camera is pretty high end at this price. The 144hz screen refresh rate is awesome, fast, smooth, and puts iPhones that all rock 60hz screens to shame. You get 8 gigs of operating ram and 256 for storage. You can add another 2 gigs of operating ram in the settings. The huge 5000 mAh battery is awesome.Cons: downgrading from OLED to an LCD screen is lame (though to be fair, you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference). The lack of a headphone jack is annoying. The 144hz refresh rate is not on by default – the default is “auto”, which maxes out at only 120hz. Contrary to what some reviews claim, this model doesn’t have mmwave 5g connectivity. It does have sub 6 and C band 5g connectivity, which to be honest are the only ones most will ever connect to anyway. The back is plastic. It’s a pretty, glossy, plastic that mimics glass, but it is kinda cheap at this price point. That 144hz screen refresh rate is sexy, but it eats battery quickly. Those 2 day battery life claims aren’t happening with that setting. More like 1 day at best.Conclusion: if you’re an Apple or Samsung fan, this phone isn’t for you. It’s for those who want something different than everyone else. It offers a lot for the money. It’s an unlocked high-end midrange phone that approaches flagship performance for hundreds less. If that’s good enough for you, then you’ll love it. If you want the absolute best specs and camera, look elsewhere.

  5. On paper the Moto Edge 2021 looks like a solid midrange bet: decent performance, outstanding battery life, and Motorola’s oddly named “Ready For” app that lets you use your phone on a computer screen and keyboard.But the Edge is plagued by some questionable tradeoffs and outright awful shovelware preloaded, not all of which can be removed.Battery life is good and the generous memory works well with the midrange CPU to deliver a delightful android experience at a whopping 144Hz refresh rate. Plus, with such legendary battery life, you can leave that charger at home and know you’ll get home late with battery to spare.Unfortunately Motorola ships the Edge with a lot of crapware: Facebook, TikTok, and surprisingly for an unlocked device, software from Verizon. Much of this cannot be removed and even has infinite access to your device and its data, such as the unremovable “Facebook App Installer” that lets Facebook install whatever it wants, any time, on your device. That plus the Chinese TikTok dubiousware make trusting your Moto Edge with personal information a big ask. Even Verizon has a footprint on this supposedly unlocked device with apps like “Verizon App Manager” among many others.”Ready For” would be a great feature, but is constrained to WiFi by the lack of a modern USB port on the Edge. HDMI is impossible on the USB 2.0 port, which on a phone in 2021, is simply confounding.There are things to love about the Edge 2021, to be sure, like its zippy performance, truly all-day battery life, and big happy screen. I just wish Motorola would try a little harder and help me keep my private data away from businesses like TikTok and Facebook.

  6. Do not buy this phone, it is advertised as US version and it is not. I bought one and first thing noticed is that it does not have 12GB ran, it only has 8GB. Then could not select 5G. So I called manufacturer and they told me that my phone is a Chinese version. Called Amazon, they send me a new phone and guess what, also a Chinese version. This phone will work on us but you won’t get the 5G service. So they are playing everyone add fools. I call Amazon again and they could not send me phone and the best they could do is send refund for my purchase but will not take care of the activation fee or the account even do I changed carriers.To know if it is Chinese version or US version all you have to do is check the first 3 digits of the IMEI.If IMEI start with 860 is Chinese versionIf IMEI start with 358 is US version

  7. I really like how slim and light it is, the fingerprint reader on the side is way better than the on screen reader.Battery life sucked the first 2 weeks but now is just as other devies i’ve had, I don’t even worry about it anymore. The speakers sound louder than my previous device (s20 ultra). Overall, i love the Zflip3

  8. Got no charger. Got a double-ended cord, both ends fit the phone but not the USB wall wart. No way to charge the phone out of the box. 🙁

  9. The only reason I purchased this phone was for the convenience of being able to place it in a pocket – far easier than the normal 6+ inch long flat device. Battery life is more than adequate for my use – no gaming, no video, etc. There are 2 batteries in this phone with a total rating of 4,082 mA (approximately 4.1 Amps).There is one significant problem with the phone: The documentation (instruction manual) is quite incomplete. It fails to provide details about how to answer an incoming call. . .you’d think this is silly, but you’re wrong! The problem arises when a call arrives and illuminates the entire opened screen, whereupon a green button appears in the lower left corner. IF the Advanced Access menu has been set to ‘answer with a tap’ simply tap. BUT the default is touch & swipe towards the upper right corner. A feature ONLY Samsung has and their manual and the top level ‘tech support’ are not aware of (I spent 45 minutes with the Samsung guy who declared the phone “defective” ) .A 5 star rating IF Samsung would have documented the phone completely OR had well trained tech support.UPDATE – After 1 month’s use: No noticeable crease line at the fold. After setting I adjusted the following: Black screen with white letters / number (this becomes normal when viewing a video) , Maximum battery charge 85% (to provide longer battery life), Disconnect Magnetic charge, Disconnect High speed wired charge. I view only short videos. Talk time per day is 1-2 hours. At the close of the day battery falls from 84% to 40-50%. A very good specialty phone; unless one feels the need for a pocket sized full function smartphone, less expensive options are available.

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